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ABC Security is actively engaged in providing Construction Site Security for small, medium, & large sized construction company projects in the Bay Area. On our client’s sites we help develop Patrol & Access Control plans and written instructions called Post Orders if there are not client standard plans. If the company has a set of standard plans we implement those standard plans on their site. construction site There are varied issues on Construction Sites now with materials such as copper being poached & resold, homeless persons coming into the site to possibly take up residence and potentially leave hazardous material such as needles or substances that need special (could be expensive) clean up. Other uninvited persons at times attempt to invade the site and potentially destroy the finished work. There are many and varied reasons they would do that, for example, sometimes people do not agree that the structure should be built in the neighborhood, or in the case of an arsonist they just want to set a fire in order to watch. Expensive Tools, Equipment and Vehicles need to be secured. Physical patrols & access control in combination with cameras and fence alarms are part of the necessary security tools to protect such a site. The guard’s responsibility is to be highly visible and keep watch over materials, tools, and equipment as well as properly report intrusions or attempts at accessing the area to appropriate persons & agencies. Call us for a walk through and or possible bid on your project’s site security.
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