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Professionalism at all times...

We expect, and our guards deliver, complete & professional uniformed, armed or unarmed service which is polite, professional, confident that’s based on consistent and targeted training plus Bureau of Security & Investigative Services (BSIS) mandated training and refresher courses.
ABC uniform, badge, decal
ABC‘s Ten-To-Win Quality Service Program encourages our guards to be diligent in their duties and to maintain a professional presence at all times.
  •  Professional Appearance
  • Politely Greet the Public
  • Always be Courteous
  • Take the Customers’ Concerns Seriously
  • Consistent Service
  • Treat Each Customer like a VIP
  • Know Your Location
  • Know Your Job Responsibilities
  • Be a Team Player
  • Honest Performance
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ABC Security Service
PPO License # 6773 1840 Embarcadaro, #100 Oakland, CA 94606 Phone: 800-872-1666 Fax: 510-436-0826
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