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There are various unique issues in physical security related to maritime spaces & facilities. Examples of such spaces & facilities are Ports, Ferry Terminals & Parking Lots, Marinas & Yacht Harbors, Parks & Restaurants or Retail that might be co-located on the property. ABC Security has long term Marina clients that it partners with. Port of OaklandThere are special certifications for work at Port areas and specific issues around Marinas where some people store their boats and others live full time on theirs. When guarding and patrolling Marinas & Yacht Harbors it’s imperative that uninvited guests (sightseers or restaurant visitors for example) or intruders be kept out while invited guests of residents and the residents themselves be made to feel welcome and comfortable. Marina Management does not want the residents and invited guests to feel as though they are in lockdown! Safety around water is an issue common to both Marinas and Ferry Terminal boarding areas. ABC Security has experience guarding and patrolling these types of facilities and spaces. Call us to evaluate your service needs and consult with you to create your maritime site security plan.
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