Access Control

In a post 911 environment, clients are concerned about their protection. Access control in high-rise and skyscraper buildings is one of the services provided by ABC. The courteous staff regulates employee and visitor traffic while taking care to verify their identification. 

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crowd control  

ABC Security is the TSA compliant choice for access and crowd control for Sports Arenas, Public and Government Buildings. More than ever the need to work with a superior Security company for your public arenas and buildings is evident and necessary.

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ABC Securities are experts in the field of loss prevention and provide detailed consultation and assessment of your unique needs for in all areas of security and protection including construction and retail environments.

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TSA compliant

ABC is the trusted name in the security and protection of Ports, Hospitals and Airports, with the ability to logistically provide service all over the 50 states.

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ABC Security featured services

ABC Security is the Trusted Name in Security Service and can logistically provide service in all 50 states.

For over four decades ABC has provided custom tailored security protocols for many public entities, private businesses and residential properties. Our superior service and commitment to excellence has made us a Trusted name in Security Service.

Not only do they provide the best in Access and Crowd control, we are TWIC Certified and TSA compliant. We are happy to work with you no matter how extensive or small are your security needs. We assess your unique security requirements; provide a detailed consultation and proposal. Contact ABC today and see how we stand out from the crowd with superior service, technology and capability. 800-872-1666