about the company

Since 1968, ABC Security Services has been providing superior security service to a wide variety of public entity clients. Owned and Operated by Ana Chretien, a well-respected Hispanic Bay Area businesswoman, ABC has risen to the top of its’ field and has received numerous awards including one of the top 25 minority owned businesses in the Bay Area.

ABC security employs a diverse group of certified security personnel, who have undergone rigorous training to provide safety as well as the best in security, protection and loss prevention. ABC Securities, 10 to Win Quality Service Program insures that the security professionals not only promote a secure environment, but act as ambassadors through professional appearance, alertness and courteous demeanor.
Another way ABC Security provides superior service is their integration of latest technologies in protection services. Their communications center automatically records calls and works 24/7 to serve their clients, and they incorporate GPS Satellite Tracking for Guard Location Verification. Their In-House Live-Scan Fingerprint Identification System accesses FBI records instantly and all their personnel records are automated for quick access. The Diggy Control System is automated for Guard Post Check and Verification, and the vehicles are monitored by a Satellite Location System. Four decades of experience, the finest in security personnel along with the latest technologies are just a few ways that ABC Security continues to provide Superior Security Service. Contact us now and discover how ABC Security Services are right for you, (800) 872-1666.

10-To-Win Quality Service Program

  • Professional Appearance
  • Greet the Public
  • Always be Courteous
  • Take Customers’ Concerns Seriously
  • Follow Through
  • Treat Each Customer Like a VIP
  • Know Your Work Location
  • Know Your Job Responsibilities
  • Be a Team Player
  • Honesty and Integrity